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Does the idea of gaining or losing money based on your weight loss appeal to you? Better yet, what if people placed bets based on your fitness goals? Meet Dietbet, a website where you establish diet goals with others while making money in the process. Think of it as gambling for your fitness goals. If fundraising and winning money are motivators to help you focus on your health goals, this may be the website for you. 

Dietbet’s premise is simple. Instead of seeing weight loss as a solitary process, it gamifies the process making it a social experience. By creating a commitment with a team, you’re now socially accountable for your actions. According to the DietBet website, players have lost 5 million pounds and the website has paid out over $21 million to winners. Still not impressed? DietBet’s researchers published a paper in conjunction with the Alpert Brown Medical School at Brown University on the effectiveness of using financial incentives to achieve weight loss. It looks like there might be a winning formula to making weight loss not only effective, but fun. 

There are three types of games you can join: Kickstarter, Transformer, and Maintainer. Kickstarter focuses on losing 4% of your body weight in four weeks. Transformer focuses on loses 10% of your weight in six months. Maintainer is focused on keeping the weight off for an entire year.  To begin, you submit a current photo of yourself on a scale and an addition photo of your weight amount on the scale. This allows for an accurate weigh-in before the game begins. From there, you begin the game. Dietbet encourages users to post photos, comments, as well as, dieting and weight loss tips along the way. On the final day of your game, you post your final weigh out. If you make your goal, then you’re a winner and split the pot amongst other winning users. The pot is determined by how much users put into the original game. In order to keep Dietbet running, the site takes a percentage of the fees from each person’s contributed amount. For example, if you put $100 into the pot, Dietbet will shave 20%, or $20, as a fee. This is typically for the Kickstarter level, as users pay $30 on average to participate.  

The site offers lots of testimonials of people who have used Dietbet, posting their photos, talking about their experience, and of course, how much money they won. Reading the stories may inspire you to take part. There are lots of active games currently on the site, but you also have the option to start your own game. Dietbet could be a great motivator if you and your friends like to make bets with each other. If you’re the type to do Fantasy Football or March Madness and bet cash, then consider trying Dietbet instead and see who among your friends gets the most weight off (and the most cash) at the end. 

This website is for people who are looking to lose weight as their goal. If your fitness goals don’t align around losing 4% or 10% of your weight then this particular method may not work for you. Dietbet’s success comes from the gamification of fitness and weight loss; by turning dieting into a game and tapping into the rewards sectors in the brains, you will want to keep trying to win and lose weight against your competitors. Fortunately, the amount you can contribute to do a Kickstarter game can be as low as $10 so the risk can be minimal. If you want to win money for losing weight, give Dietbet a try. 

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