Digital Health Monitoring: Misfit Review

This week we are going to look at a different activity tracker that may fit your needs. We previously covered the Fitbit and this time we are looking at the Misfit. Like the Fitbit, the Misfit comes in a variety of product lines and configurations. Lets take a look at what Misfit is and the type of activity trackers that might work with your fitness goals and lifestyle. 

Misfit got its start as a small wearable company and now creates a variety of products that include wristbands. Their claim to fame is that their products never need to be charged. You read that right. Each of their products have a non-rechargeable battery that lasts 4-6 months. After the battery dies, Misfit will replace it. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want one more thing to charge before bed, Misfit may be the brand for you.  

The Misfit products offer a lot of customization, coming in a wide variety of colors.  In fact, you can even customize the color configuration on their website. Starting at $79, the Misfit Ray is swimproof and can track steps, distance, calories, and sleep. The Misfit Shine looks like a more traditional watch while offering the same customization. The bands for their products are also removable, so if you want to just carry the products in your pocket without the band, that’s also an option. Even in your pocket they can still track your steps and provide notifications.  

In addition to activity and fitness trackers, Misfit also creates hybrid smartwatches. These smartwatches provide the same functionality of an activity tracker but have even more useful features. The main hybrid smartwatch in the Misfit portfolio is the Misfit Phase, starting at $149. From a distance, the MisFit Phase looks more like a traditional watch. As with other Misfit products, theres tons of customization, with customizable bands that even look like traditional leather bands, sports bands, or linked chains.  It doesn’t have the screen of typical smartwatches, but it will still provide you with text and voice notifications. Not only can you check the time, but you can create smart reminders, monitor sleep, and tell the companion app how rigorous your activities were. Unlike traditional smartwatches, the Misfit Phase lacks GPS, so more hardcore activities like running or biking may not record those specific metrics, but that doesn’t mean you can still use it to track things like steps or your heart rate during those activities. If you don’t think you’ll use GPS features, or will instead use your phone to track GPS, then these may not be big issues. Like all Misfit products, the battery lasts for six months and is unremovable. This is a huge selling point. Misfit is certainly the option for the person who wants a lot of color options and may want to be able to match their activity tracker to their particular outfit 

Misfit offers apps for iOS and Android for fitness tracking. They have a few other interesting apps as well. Misfit Link connects your misfit products to your phone and other home automation so you can turn your Misfit wearables into buttons to control things around your house. Whether it’s using it to play music, change the hue of lights or the thermostat, Misfit products will perform double duty. Misfit also has an app to track biking and cycling, but it’s currently iOS only. It relies on the GPS in your phone to provide results of your ride.  

With a variety of price points and a non-invasive design, Misfit could be your next activity tracker. Check out their website below and see if you want to be a misfit! 

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