National Public Health Week

The first week of April is National Public Health week! National Public Health Week is a week long initiative by the American Public Health Association  to engage all communities and all sectors of health in a conversation about the role each of us can play to put good health within everyone’s reach. Each day of NPHW 2018 will focus on a different public health topic that is critical to creating the healthiest nation by 2030.

There are 4 great ways for you to get involved in NPHW 2018:

  1. Join the discussion on Twitter on Wednesday, April 4th at 2pm EST using the hashtag #NPHWChat
  2. Take the National Public Health Week Pledge to help create a stronger, healthier America
  3. Do your part and take the 1 Billion Steps Challenge
  4. Know the facts! Read the National Public Health Week Fact Sheets on daily health themes.

Each of us has a part to play in helping make America a healthy place to live. We hope that you join the public health celebration this week!

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