How to keep motivated, when trying to be fit

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When trying to start a new regiment to maintain fitness, in the first few weeks you may have a burst of energy to continuously take on your new health goal. Whether it’s always going to the gym after work, hitting up the Pilates class, or enough steps in a day, we sometimes hit a wall when trying to maintain a new routine or sometimes have trouble when a routine becomes old. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated on your fitness journey.

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How Health Can Save You Money

Living Healthy Can Save You Money

Employers are increasingly trying to persuade their employees to make healthy choices, by offering programs and incentivizing their employees. These employer programs work two-fold: by encouraging employees to be proactive in their health decisions to deter long-term chronic conditions, it cut downs on health costs not only for an employee but also on price of health care premiums. These savings are win-win for employees, a chance to jumpstart or continue your fitness goals all while saving money while doing it.

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