Kid-Friendly Health Apps

There are lots of apps available related to health and fitness spread between iOS and Android. A lot of these apps are geared toward adults, but what about children and teenagers? Let’s take a look at a few apps that are great at helping kids get on their feet and focus on their fitness goals.  

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Parents Talking Type 1: Kelvis & Kelvis Jr.

Kelvis Jr with a big smile

The American Diabetes Association asked their Facebook and Twitter communities to send them stories—specifically, what it’s like to be the parent of a child living with type 1 diabetes. Having received a lot of wonderful stories, they presented their favorites on the blog. We hope you’re as inspired by these personal stories as we are, and […]

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Halloween Safety Tips

When you think of Halloween you think of costumes, spooky fun, school parties and all the awesome candy from trick or treating.  We want to keep everyone safe amidst all of the excitement and fun we anticipate everyone having.  These kids shared three quick tips to remind everyone to stay safe when they’re out and […]

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Mental Health Day

mental health day

My second grader was having sleeping problems. She wasn’t really getting any good REM sleep in my opinion, which left her cranky and unbearable for several days. I couldn’t take all the pushback and the crying. It was getting out of hand. 

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Our week of sickness :(

our week of sickness

OMG. I can finally breathe (and so can the babies). We have finally turned the corner in what has been the ROUGHEST week since the twins were born. Early last week, Brecken started coughing a little. Enough to get my attention, but not to cause any concern… After all Jackson had been coughing in and […]

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