5 Useful YouTube Exercises for the Holidays

Keeping up with your exercise routine may be difficult once the holiday season comes into full swing. Outdoor options begin to dwindle and the idea of driving across town to the gym can be an annoyance when weather conditions are bad. With all the possible excuses out there preventing your optimum health and wellness, rest assured there are still options for those who’ve yet to give up on their goals.

YouTube videos are a great way to keep the exercise routine rigorous, refreshing, and most importantly, free! I’ve compiled a list of exercises I’ve enjoyed as a busy parent of three.

Loosen Up with Active Stretching

If you’ve fallen from your fitness goals, try to get back into your routine with active stretching. According to a 2009 article in the American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, an active stretching program proved “effective in increasing the flexibility of knee flexors, extensor and flexor torque, and functional mobility in older women”.

Join FitnessBlender.com for this 15 minute active stretching video.

Toned Legs

Legs make activities like walking, running, and skipping possible. Our legs are our base, and it’s vitally important that when considering a workout routine, strengthening and conditioning of the leg muscles is not ignored. Fortunately, there are a few very quick and very meaningful exercises that can be done to ensure that the leg muscles get the proper attention they deserve.

This video is 8 solid minutes of high intensity leg exercises!


Core Workouts for Toned Abs

Our core consists of stomach muscles, pelvic floor and hip muscles, chest muscles and back muscles. The job of our core muscles is to support and stabilize our spine. But most importantly our core muscles are activated in almost every movement we make.

Core exercises not only consist of crunches and sit-ups; there are a wide variety of core exercises that strengthen this muscle group. This 15 minute video of core exercises with MarC will have you feeling great.

Cardio That Isn’t Running

Cardiovascular exercise promotes increased heart rate which improves oxygen consumption in the body. When you partake in aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise, you’re improving heart and lung health.

Effective cardio does not mean endless weeks on the treadmill or running trails.  This fitness video will keep you moving and smiling with an upbeat cardio dance workout.

Beginner Full Body Workout

If you don’t have time to break up your workout, high intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to get an effective full body work out. High Intensity Interval Training is great for burning fat and building fully body strength by including groupings of timed exercises with minimal to no rest in between sets.

Can you get through this 5 minute full body workout?


Are you ready to get started?  I hope one of these videos will help keep you moving and motivated during the colder months. Remember, when starting a new exercise routine or restarting an old routine, consult with your doctor about any health concerns. Make sure you listen to your body along the way. Good luck and have a happy healthy holiday season.

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